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Gb  RanD0 17 Apr 23:45

On my road to Global Elite, anyone legendary eagle up interested add me on steam.

Gb  dronee 13 Apr 10:58

Just a heads up to anyone who has me on their steam, I had my account hacked so don't click on any links etc.

Lt  osva42 12 Apr 16:20

looking for a team im rifler master guardian elite atm

Sr  moh 11 Apr 16:13

@paradox more players won't come without cups/promotion

Gb  Zeebeepleb 09 Apr 07:27

New here, hoping to find a Team to play Comp. with. Im Gold nova II if anyone was wondering...

Gb  paradox 08 Apr 17:01

nope, just needs more players

De  myR.Noir 08 Apr 11:56

is the ungl down ?

Fi  TUKE 05 Apr 16:56
Gb  abuzo 05 Apr 15:46

does anyone actually play on here anymore?

01  Cakey* 31 Mar 23:48

Haha i seen the same one, bit of pub lad!

Gb  Sparky 31 Mar 22:10

Bg  w00den~ Looking at your youtube video, I'd have guessed you'd been playing for 15 minutes.

01  Cakey* 30 Mar 21:09

Apparently CSGO has been out 14 years. Amazing

Bg  w00den~ 30 Mar 20:42

after 5 years may be you can give lessons to someone in your age ...

Bg  w00den~ 30 Mar 20:41

Sparky i play 14 years this game and you want to give me lessons ? funny little kid ... ahaha

01  opy 30 Mar 00:58

Sorry for spam lol