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S0  Optimus_Crime 24 Nov 17:38

hey guys

Gb  paradox 24 Nov 17:35


Us  carlos 24 Nov 15:58


00  HaQAllA 13 Nov 09:09

hi someone 1v1 ?

Gb  d4z 08 Nov 16:22

we have a team of 5 for black ops 3 lookinf for 2 more message me if interested

Pl  PEROXwhyGeN 04 Nov 22:26

hello, does someone searching a team? Visit a CS:GO threads!

Gb  paradox 04 Nov 21:19

oops, sorry about that

Gb  paRa^ 30 Oct 02:15

Would love to see UNGL make some mega comeback! Miss being able to play UK teams easily :D

Gb  DazzyJ 29 Oct 00:33

I'm happy to be around if need be Gb  paradox

Gb  mint 26 Oct 17:36

this would make me smile xD

Gb  dronee 25 Oct 16:48

Can I ban eHM for old times sake? ;p

Gb  paradox 17 Oct 12:21

I'll be running an event soon, please PM me if you'd like to help run it.

Gb  d4z 16 Oct 20:47

ill keep checking in once a day ive just stuck a post up looking for people to play with

Gb  mint 16 Oct 09:29

A place for oldies to be nostalgic i think

01  Bradlewis 15 Oct 17:58

What is this place?

Gb  mint 15 Oct 14:56

me too!

Gb  mint 15 Oct 14:56

me too!

Gb  DazzyJ 14 Oct 19:31

I keep checking back, but I'd love to see this place take off again :)

Gb  mint 14 Oct 12:49

well it would be nice if some of the old faces reappeared xD

Gb  d4z 13 Oct 18:04

not been on for 4 years is there any teams still active