Universal Gaming League

over 11 years ago

Just as a reminder, before every match, we, as Organnerians, must hold our peace as we say the Organner prayer:

Our Leet-Coder Organner,

Hallowed be thy cheats,

Thy bypass will come,

Their heads be done,

Online as it is in LAN,

Give us this day our daily frags,

And forgive us our impatience,

As we forgive those who flame against us,

And lead us not into detection,

But deliver us to win,

Now and forever,


P.S. This is just for fun due to our fun team name :)

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
over 11 years ago

p.s. remove your website....

Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
over 11 years ago

I have already removed it once, and have already asked again...

over 11 years ago

I will tell eLm later, sorry.

The Hairy Arab
over 11 years ago


03  QCK
Drinks too much
over 11 years ago

lmao n1

over 11 years ago


Gb  IV
over 11 years ago

ps. fake and gay.