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10 days ago

Moncler's Genius Project, typically unveiled at an event of Olympian scale in Milan, has been reduced to a series of look book releases this spring. Stone Island's sales have grown an average of 18 percent annually from 2011 to 2020, and even grew 1 percent in the 12 months ending October.

Now in its third season, Moncler Genius is ambitious even by the standards of today's endless parade of partnerships. But the concept remains simple: a group of designers, chosen by Moncler CEO Remo Moncler Jacket Ruffini, are given free reign in the Moncler design studio to create their own collections.

So why does Green think the Moncler project works so well What's kept him coming back for more (six times) "As a designer, I always think it's equally important to have an accessible reality to what you're doing, or a version that can be accessed. But it's also important to make people think, or push it forward in some way." Moncler Moncler Outlet asks its customers to do both, he said.

I learned a lot about myself as a photographer. I think it's interesting what can come out Moncler Womens Vests of obstacles that are put in front of you. You have the standard overt Moncler badge on quite a few pieces, but that puffy quilting we're used to is not nearly as prominent as you might think. I also don't think I've ever seen a more diesel zipper than the ones used here.

In total there were 12 collections on show in tonight's third installment - is Genius going to keep on growing Said Ruffini: "Maybe not in terms of designers, but in terms of energy I want it to get bigger and bigger and bigger. I think the brand has changed thanks to the energy this project has given us.