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3 months ago

Best NFT memes

Let's talk in more detail about the sites for NFT placement. Any action on the crypto platform is due to the burning of electricity and costs money – it is a payment for the gas spent. The fundamental difference lies in the algorithms on the basis of which this or that online platform works.

There are 2 algorithms in total: Proof of Work and Proof of Stake . The difference between them is that POW requires impressive capacities when verifying the validity of transactions by solving a large number of mathematical problems. PoS, in turn, does not allocate any tasks, is correspondingly less energy-consuming and, as a result, more environmentally friendly.

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NFT sites can be divided into two categories: supervised and open. The difference here is that on open platforms, it is enough for the user to synchronize the crypto wallet with the platform, and he can proceed to the release of his own NFT.

While the supervised platforms are more exclusive in nature and before proceeding with the release of the NFT, you must first apply for registration, this provides a higher level of work and is a kind of anti-fraud. The most popular curated platforms are SuperRare, Foundation, KnownOrigin, Nifty Gateway and MakersPlace.

And the most popular NFT marketplaces where you can trade any NFT: digital art, game objects and characters, sports cards, virtual lands or domain names are OpenSea, Raible and Ethereum.

The bidding platform is a website that looks like an online store. The artist defines it this way: "Each platform has its own audience and its own special functions: somewhere its own application with push notifications, somewhere you can upload series, somewhere only single tokens, somewhere you can hold auctions."


3 months ago

Of course we see the nft hype fading and no one knows what to expect next from this market. According to bitcoinczechia

, the trading volume on OpenSea is already almost at its lowest values since this HYIP started. Maybe now NFT market will be helped by the fact that one can buy NFT purely with a bank card and not have to bother with buying cryptocurrency...Who knows?