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3 months ago

Cricket Betting Tips: Guide for Indian Punters

The goal of both teams in cricket is to score as many points as possible by runs. The bowler of the batting team tries to hit the ball into the opponent's wicket, which is protected by the batsman of the batting team, trying to hit the ball with the bat. The players of the serving team must return the ball to the center of the field. While the ball is in the air, the batsman runs to the opposite wicket. The second batsman runs towards him, trying to take the batter's place. Each such run brings a point to the batting team.

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Innings and overs.

A game of cricket can last from a few hours to 5 days or more. The goal of the batting team is to make as many runs as possible in one inning. The inning ends when the 10th batsman leaves the game. Each inning is divided into two overs, each of which is a series of 6 innings made by the same bowler. In each subsequent over, the bowler changes, as well as the direction of the pitch.


Players are not allowed to throw a cricket ball. The throw should be made from top to bottom with a half-bent arm. As a rule, the bowler serves so that the ball bounces once off the ground before it reaches the other end of the pitch line. Thanks to this trick, it is very difficult for a batsman to hit the ball correctly. There are rumors that cricket fans are betting more and more online and getting welcome bonuses from the best bookmakers in the world. We, BonusBonusBonus, perfectly understand what motivates cricket fans.