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# Crucial motifs

As always, this test is made up of motifs with varying weightings. It’s important to pay attention to the weightings so that you concentrate on preparing for motifs that will have the topmost number of questions on the test.

There are six test motifs in the Certified-Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Adviser test, and importantly, four of these test motifs represent a fifth of the test each. Below are the test motifs, presented in the sequence I would suggest you study for the test.

## 1. Data Layer 24

We know Salesforce as a database of tables, or objects, related to each other through record keys, parents, children, affiliated lists, or lookups. Datasets in Einstein are the polar contrary. Einstein datasets are single denormalized successional lists, optimized by Salesforce for read performance. The Data Layer in Einstein is each about rooting data from sources, also transubstantiating and loading it into Einstein as an Einstein Data Set.

•prize, transfigure, and cargo data into Einstein Analytics

•Name and serve of all data metamorphoses

•produce datasets

•utensil refreshes and data sync

•Using the dataset builder

•What's the difference between a form and data inflow

•law data flows and fashions.

•What's extended metadata( XMD)

•How to use XMD

•Combine data from multiple datasets or connected objects.

•Write back

## Study Strategy

Through seven former examinations I developed a three- stage process to study for and pass these examinations

First study the test companion, release notes, books, Trailhead, primers, vids, papers, and blogs with the intention of 1- understand what the product is each about, 2- identify crucial study motifs, 3- enumerate good literacy coffers, and 4- put together a study plan.

## Alternate, execute the study plan.

Third, get in shape with practice tests. Once practice tests are going well it's time to take the test.

For EAD effects went according to plan, Exam Labs Dumps with two caveats. Stage 1, putting the study plan together, took longer than anticipated; further than half my overall study time. Stage 3 was insolvable due to the dearth of good practice tests which forced reliance on Einstein super colophons rather.

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