Universal Gaming League

Gb  Sparky
almost 9 years ago

Morning folks,

Following last nights appalling attendance at the Custom Carnage cup I feel it's necessary to discuss future repercussions for teams not showing up to booked fixtures.

First and foremost, this is frustrating because after months and months of you folk asking us to pump out more cups and tournaments, and UNGL taking on more admins to do so (at the cost of a fair amount of their own time) it's all a wasted effort as no one shows up to play them anyway.


This is quite frankly a joke. It's not even as if you didn't get an advance warning in the overview of the event:

Only sign up to this cup if you can, and intend to, play your fixtures. Is there a risk time might be tight? Then please don't sign up, you may still be entered in to the cup and a default may be given to your opposition. Further to this you may also be blacklisted from future events.

- http://ungl.org/forum/1/7815/1

In the past we've let this slide, understanding of the fact that the so-called 'real world' does exist for some of us and that commitments can occasionally get in the way of Events and Fixtures. But to not even have a single member provide a justification for the absence of the whole team is incredibly frustrating.


The match-planners of all teams who did not show to the Custom Carnage Cup (20/05) have all received one week bans.

Repeat offenders will see these extended to 2-3 months and so on and so forth until I cannot count any higher.

Why so mad? You're taking spots of teams that wanted to, and would have made themselves available to play. You wasted the evening of admins who set aside time to monitor the cup. You wasted the evening of teams who actually showed up and wanted to play.

Did anyone else think the ending of Doctor Who made no sense at all?


almost 9 years ago

Your talent amazes me! :D

almost 9 years ago

Compared to weekly cups with 16 signed up teams to the custom carnage 8 teams while 5 of them didnt play, clearly says that custom carnage is a joke, although i dont know how it has been in the past.

I mean if our team signed up for this cup, while another cup with normal maps and more teams is running we probably wouldve chose to do that cup instead of this and simply dont care about the future bans as there are not much teams signing up anyway.

Maybe promote these cups on other sites and look if there is no other cup running on same date and time.

Thats what I think is going wrong.

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
almost 9 years ago

But if you have signed up for another cup on the same day. Then you dont sign up to another one knowing that you cant make one of them.

PS. dont sign up if you cant make it.

almost 9 years ago

I know what you mean but I'm saying what I think most teams would do, just wait till the last minute and look into the ungl cups how much teams signed up for it then look into the other cup and if there are more teams there, they probably will play there.

Last minute decision.

almost 9 years ago

I don't see how your argument is valid runz, don't get me wrong you seem alright but you would not pay to go to 2 LANs at the same time and not show up to 1 would you?

almost 9 years ago

Kinda been tired of the attitude for months upon end.

People moan that there aern't enough events to satisfy their needs, but when admins pump out events, they then dont turn up.

Seriously, what is the point? We are all here for one thing, to play the game.

almost 9 years ago

Gb  Gumpster People do not no how much time and effort it takes to do things which essentially has no gain for there self. I have ran large communities myself and my current community is small compaired to this but what people don't understand is how much time it takes to make a functional site, how much time it takes to sort out servers, web and gaming and how much time it takes to organise an event. I am confident my community would live to there word and let no one down without good reason.

But hey ho, that is my opinion

almost 9 years ago

01  Cakey*

I can guarentee you, the on night admining of this is minimal, but the preparation work of the cups themselves, require a bit of time. I have far too much experience, hence why I am giving it all up soon, once the current run of ED events come to an end. The attitude of the entire scene, the fact that people don't wanna help each other, the fact that we have lost a lot of modjo, has just meant I have lost my enthusiasm to help out.

almost 9 years ago

01  Cakey* I dont understand how I can explain this further, its simple teams will sign up for the cup, some days later they see another cup with more teams then they sign up for that cup and just dont care about ungl.

its simple as that.

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
almost 9 years ago

Nl  RunZ So they cant be decent, And just pop onto UNGL give an admin a PM or leave a message in the shoutbox saying there team cant make it?

That way we don't include them in the cup and teams that want to play get the chance to. I cant wait for the new site our job will be so much easier.

almost 9 years ago

Gb  nSmed Well i guess thats how loads of teams are doing it, the only solution will be banning the teams from further events then yes.

When is the new site thingy coming?

almost 9 years ago

Doctor who made perfect sense, cant wait for the Christmas special. (Clara is fragmented into the doctors time stream thingy, the doctors name is the name that the john hurt doctor took, who apparently did bad things.)


oh yeah and ban them all.

almost 9 years ago

what a joke :/

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
almost 9 years ago

Nl  RunZ That would be telling i have said enough, I will be shot whilst sleeping if i carry on to talk.

Gb  Sparky
almost 9 years ago

Gb  hrizn The cheesy introduction text killed me inside.

Gb  Sparky
over 8 years ago


Congratulations to 10 Nl AVENUE.GS and 10 Nl  for getting week long bans as a consequence of not attending the 'Perfect Future' cup on 03/09/13.

Please take a moment to remind yourselves that, although UNGL admins aren't quite Hitler, it's frustrating when people do not turn up to events which admins give up their evenings to run.

over 8 years ago


over 8 years ago

Gb  Sparky

Are they teams that have proven reliable in the past? Do they play regularly on UNGL? If not, why were they picked? If so, then fair bans.

Gb  IV
over 8 years ago

Gb  Gumpster Avenue have been reliable in the past, I don't know about Lex.

Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
over 8 years ago

Gb  Gumpster There was only 9 signups for the event, 1 of which disbanded after signing up. Meaning the 8 remaining teams were all chosen.

8 months ago

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