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almost 10 years ago

Hello ya\'ll,

Well, like the subject name goes - me and my danish friend are looking for 2-3 more guys to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for fun. Not so much to add. We dont care if you suck or not. We ourselfs have entered our second \"prestige\" and are having a blast

To sum it up for you, we are two dudes, 22 and 20 years old, from Sweden and Denmark, we consider ourself to be good at this game but we play it ONLY for fun. The dane (aka vandalo) sounds like ARNOLD when he screams \"RUN TO THA CHOPPPAAA!!!\" on the map Highrise or when he gets pissed of he yells; \"SHOOT DOWN THAA CHOPPPPAAA!\", but usually we NEVER whine and just laugh like asses when we get the kills or kill. We are of course now and then serious because we would like to win (who dosent want to, I mean?) We are keen, fun people, competetive, and much more.

And what do we search? Well, we dont want a squeky voiced mofo, so we set the age to 16+, you got Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and has played it abit (you at least know where to run etc), you speak fluent english of course, can play some as well. Skill level and weapon controll is a big care face on. Like said 1337 times by now: For fun, for a laugh and to enjoy a game

What do you get from this? Endless ammount of fun and loads of good laughs. We are playing for fun and would like to expand our \"mini-army\" by adding some dudes. I cant tell you how fun it is!

Please NOTE that we wont trail people! If you feel for a game just hook us up and we\'ll play. If you are a great guy, likes to have fun, social - we\'ll keep ya. If not, we\'ll play some games and see from there!

And yes - we will play Call of Duty: Black Ops when it comes out!

Find this nice and you\'re interested? Hook me up at steam which is: mirza424 or send me a PM! Cheers lads!

PS: Please dont flame my sorry ass for my misspells and bad meanings! Thanks!

almost 10 years ago

i liked the bit where you said fun..

and its get to tha choppa

almost 10 years ago

01  hrizn Not when he screams :D

almost 10 years ago

he said run, get to tha choppa. if i remember correctly.

almost 10 years ago

01  hrizn Ahh I think you\'re refering to the movies. I refer to my own danish Arnold ;)

+1 for good memory!

almost 10 years ago


almost 10 years ago

Still searching! :>