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almost 5 years ago



Are you tired of playing alone? Are you looking for more fun and meeting new people? Do you want to be part of something more? Do you want to bring your gaming experience to whole new level? You are good player on normal mode, hardcore or promod? If yes then you are on the right place because United Generals can give you all that. United Generals is a stable clan of friendly people from all over the world who are always willing to help.


Dear players,

I would like to present you a big clan with big tradition called United Generals. United Generals is clan which was founded in 2014 by Killer man and Skimkiller. Those founders are still active in clan and they are leading it. Under their leadership United Generals has accomplished everything of which is known today, but a big role in everything have our administrators, members, fans and our regular players. We are very proud that we are managing to keep our regular players and in the same time we are attracting new players. This tells us that we have both expert and dedicated administration team but also members and players which are constantly helping us to improve. We are mostly playing Call of Duty 4 (1.7 version) but we are open for other games too. We are playing clan wars on all kinds of different modes such as promod, hardcore, softcore. From time to time we have trainings between ourselves and on that way we are improving our teamwork.


United Generals has more than 120 members of which more than 50 are daily active. Our members are from all over the world which makes us a worldwide community. They are mostly over 18 years so there are no childish revenges and etc. Our members will always provide you with all necessary informations and help you. They are our biggest treasure and we especially appreciate them because without them we won't even exist. Our members, but also other players have big influence on our improving because we consider every suggestion which was made by them and we are always trying to satisfy all sides in the same time. Members who have shown big interest in clan and a big dose of seriousness but also who helps other players and spreads the word about clan in a prolonged period of time could be awarded with position of server administrator.


Our administration team is consisted of total 35 administrators without clan founders. Every administrator was carefully picked from our loyal clan members and there were no giving administrator privilege to everybody. All our administrators are older than 18 years which is additional proof that they are competitive and dedicated. Our administrators are highly active players which means that there is always somebody on server looking for breaking rules. They are righteous (fair) when it comes for breaking rules - if you cheated you will be banned. Our members and other players are helping us in that by taking a video (demo) of cheater and providing us other information after which ban cheater if the proof is valid, so nobody can cheat and not be punished.


United Generals has hosted website, four Call of Duty 4 servers and a teamspeak 3 server over which we are communicating and having more fun. Each our Call of Duty 4 server has a different mode so we can devide them on normal (aka softcore), hardcore, promod snipers and RotU (aka zombie mode). All that servers are Team deathmatch (TDM), without additional modes and with high experience (+300 exp for kill) which allows fast getting highest ranks. Also, we have to say that there are prestige levels on all servers which allow you to use laser or graphic change. There is also a system that counts kill-death ration with you and each player that is currently on server which shows you how many times you killed him and how many times you got killed by that player. Additionally there is a system that is counting headshots, kills, deaths, killstreak and kill-death ratio and constantly showing it so you don't have to press TAB to check. We are specially proud of our server with normal (softcore) mode because we are in top 3 servers by overall ranking on Gametracker, and it was the first one for long time.




- Map rotation: All maps

- Weapons: All allowed

- Perks: All allowed

- Slots: 43

- Most of the time it's always full

- High experience (+300 exp for kill)

- 7 prestige levels (transferable to HC server)

- Admins always available

- Server IP:



- Map rotation: Vacant, Killhouse, Showdown, Crash, Broadcast, Strike

- Other standard maps can be set by administrator

- Weapons: All allowed

- Perks: All allowed

- Slots: 50

- Player base: From 10 to 25 players

- High experience (+300 exp for kill)

- 7 prestige levels (transferable to softcore server)

- Admins always available

- Server IP:



- Map rotation: Costum maps

- Other standard maps can be set by administrator

- Weapons: All allowed

- Perks: All allowed

- Slots: 32

- Player base: Usually fanatics only

- Normal experience (+5 exp for kill)

- 7 prestige levels

- Admins mostly available

- Server IP:

5.4 RotU (Zombie) CRACKED


- Map rotation: A lot of costum maps

- Other standard maps can be set by administrator

- 6 classes to choose: Shooter, Armored, Scout, Engineer, Medic, Assassin

- Each class has special abilities and benefits

- 14 waves of zombies

- 2 zombie boss to kill in three stages (knife, explosives, bullets)

- 9 types of zombies: standard, armored, fast, dogs, hell zombies, fire zombies, fire dogs, crawlers, boss

- Weapons: Depends on choosen class + ray gun, flamethrower, wunderwaffe + turrets

- Upgrading system (buying new weapons and other stuff)

- Perks: Depends on choosen class

- Slots: 24

- Player base: Usually few, but great fun!

- High experience (depends on damage that you made on particular zombie)

- 10 prestige levels

- Admins mostly available (usually not needed because it's like coop)

- Server IP:


- Slots: 32

- High sound quality & stable

- Possibility of making own channel

- Lot of server groups

- Server IP:


Even that we have more than 120 members we are still recruiting new players and we will recruit them always. We believe that everybody who wants to join United Generals clan and who satisfies all our requirements should have a chance to join us. Players who are known on our servers have bigger chance to join United Generals and also they will be accepted in shorter time, while completely new player on our servers will need to show his characteristics. Every member and administrator can give his opinion about the player who is applying to join the clan and they can also support him by giving him +1, or unsupport him by giving him -1. Usually to get an answer to your application it takes few days (mostly 2 or 3) meanwhile administrators are checking you if you break any rules and you are collecting supports or unsupports. If you have found yourself in United Generals clan please head to our website and apply today! You can become one of us and be a part of this big community in which everybody is cooperating.


You can find United Generals clan on different websites. Those are official websites of United Generals:

Image www.united-generals.com

Image www.facebook.com/unitedgeneralsclan

Image www.gametracker.com/clan/www.United-Generals.com


United Generals administration team