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Nl  panz0r
I <3 mouz & FGW
almost 11 years ago

Dear Members, Visitors, People, Every one!

GOTWHAT. is searching for a HoN team.

We are currently looking for a team.

What can we offer you!

- Website.

- Support.

- Voice Comms.

- A good organisation.

What do we expect from u.

- Mature.

- Willing Improve in the game.

- Active.

- Stable.

- Not going fold asap.

- Not a cheating team.

- Playing Leagues.

How to get in contact with us?

Add us on Steam.

panz0r - stoneage_09

Unifly - leon6222

iNfiniLe - infz2sick


Contact us by Forum.


Kind regards,

The management of GOTWHAT.

almost 11 years ago

It feels like I've seen this thread somewhere else.. hmm ;D