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almost 11 years ago

EU 1750+ carry/solo player lft


Im searching for a team who can be competetive at tournaments and really improve their skill level from more experience.

I'am 17 years old, social and friendly. I'd really like to stick up with a team who actually plays more than just scrims, some pub stomps with just 3 guys can be fun sometimes aswell.

I've got experience from a thirdplace in the GRUNEX tournament and some other not so big, cups.

I have a well working mic, got every VoiP program there is and got a avarage english. Swedish teams is more than welcome to test me, even though I dont think there is so many Swedish teams on my skill-level that's searching for players.

Hope you'll find this as interesting and will /w Noobstarz ingame for more information.


almost 11 years ago

Good luck :)

almost 11 years ago

Just wanted to say that your team doesn't needs to be 1750+!

And thanks :)

Za  tankza
HoN Head Admin
almost 11 years ago

good luck =]

almost 11 years ago

You say you have every voip. Do you have Mohawk voip? If you do then you can have a cookie.

almost 11 years ago

GL HoN ftw?

almost 11 years ago

Gb  hrizn Haha that made me chuckle!

almost 11 years ago

Gb  walker its simply the best

Nl  panz0r
I <3 mouz & FGW
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almost 11 years ago

eka and wALKER, keep it to the thread, no need of your stupiedness

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Gb  dronee
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almost 11 years ago

Other than the spelling he is correct, please keep it out of the threads.