Universal Gaming League

over 11 years ago

League of legends is a very competitive game, adopted by WCG etc.

It would be great if you hosted a ladder too.



No  Euphoric
The local Viking
over 11 years ago

How do you play competetive lol?

over 11 years ago

Custom game :)

over 11 years ago

It was only adopted by WCG because LoL could afford to pay them a large amount of cash :)

I'll see how other admins feel about adding LoL.

My personal opinion is that it's a terrible game though

Gb  dronee
Website Operations Director
over 11 years ago

Personally I agree with Ryn.

Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
over 11 years ago

The Brazilian HoN.

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
over 11 years ago

installed it yesterday, not a very competive game its just HoN so may aswell keep the hon ladder.

over 11 years ago

Aint saying to remove the HoN ladder lol.

Just saying it would be nice, theres a LARGE crowd wanting to play LoL competitively.

Also, a game called: Bloodline Champions is going to explode soon, might wanna check to make some events on that too.

The more games you add as ladders the more crowd ur gonna pull.

over 11 years ago

lol is extremely popular among a lot of people, and would be a great idea. you have added a black ops ladder, which is equally as uncompetitive.

over 11 years ago

LoL is for bad hon players