Universal Gaming League

01  Rings of Saturn
over 11 years ago

This forum is put up for one purpose and one purpose only. The admin team at UNGL would like you to help us in making your experience as good as possible.

We are open to critisizm, providing it\'s detailed, the reason we ask for it to be detailed is so that we can fix the problem ASAP. If you do decide to make a post and it\'s along these lines;

Fix this, it\'s **** cba

We will simply ignore this and assume that it\'s not a problem. However, if you follow this guideline, we will attempt to fix the problem and we will be as quick as possible. So here is what we would like you to do.

- We would like you to give us a detailed analysis of what you would like changed or fixed.

- If you would like something added to the site, we would like you to explain why you\'d like to added to the site.

- If you think something is bias or outbalanced then please explain how so.

All topics will be open for the community to debate about, this way we get a fair idea on whether it\'s just a minority or a majority who think it should be implemented.

~UNGL admin team.