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over 12 years ago


I have noticed that;


Have had most of their results removed and now only contain two losses, but they are still ranked 5th in the ladder, it seems the points they had before still remain should they not be de-ranked?

I guess there are probably a few other instances like this.

one of those
over 12 years ago

Vote for 30 days of incativity . DO EEET.

most people would agree that a team Has to play atleast once a month to be consideredz active. ( ignore the Z , its just ther to distract you anyway )

over 12 years ago

Ahh I see, no problems.

The team I linked to though have only two results now and both are losses therefore they should be naturally bottom ranked instead of being 5th due to match fixing?

That would then mean que are 5th and so on. All they technically have to do now is get a couple of easy wins and will remain an undeserved 5th position :)

over 12 years ago

patience young padawan

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Thanks DazzyJ