Universal Gaming League

almost 12 years ago

Hey everyone, I'd like to share my opinions regarding the profile system.
- I really hoped that it was possible to have HTML options, BBCodes and so. The limit of characters is also really low. There is no way to have a profile picture nor signature.

Maybe an OpenID with SteamLogIn which can verify users.
They need to login with their steam account, before connecting to the forum. As soon as they have done that the first time, there is no need.

This will prevent idiots or scams.
Easy to find the players, leaders etc.

A page where you can see which groups you've applied for. Who've deined, accepted, pending.

That's all for now I think.

CS Head Admin
almost 12 years ago


Most of the suggestions for the new website are being added on there, add them just in case this thread gets lost!

UNGL Administrator
almost 12 years ago


almost 12 years ago

As if you want signatures, next joke.

almost 12 years ago