Universal Gaming League

over 9 years ago

Hello A.V.A fans!

We will have an A.V.A content update on September 21st from 11:00PM to 6:00AM (server time). During this time, the servers will be temporarily unavailable. In this update:

New Capsule Weapons:

- Calico M950 (Pre-Release Capsule)

- G3A3 (Permanent Capsule)

New Weapon Shop Item:

- IMI99SR (Sniper)

- PGM.338 (Sniper)

New Map:

- E-Boat [Escape]

Other Changes:

- Event Channel: E-Boat [Escape]

Game Changes:

1. First Person Spectate - That's right! No longer will you be staring at the back of your ally's heads while you're waiting to respawn. Player's will now be able to spectate ally's in first person.

2. Kick Function Removal in Scenario or AI Modes - It's unfair for players to work hard during the entire AI mission and get kicked last second. You deserve your reward. Players can no longer be kicked in Scenario or AI modes.

3. Chatting System Changes:

A. You can now increase the chat box size manually.

B. Player's Clan Mark will now be displayed next to your name in chat.

C. You can now double-click a player's names in the chat to open a whisper to that player.

D. You can now right-click a player's name to check their profile and stats.

E. You can now toggle between multiple players that have whispered you by clicking the 'Insert' key.

F. You can now toggle messages that you previously sent to players by holding 'CTRL' and using 'Page Up and Page Down to toggle the message.

4. Capsule Changes:

A. The Capsule Names on the Capsule List will now change colors depending on how many capsules are left for that weapon.

B. The current capsule count will now be updated quicker.

5. Block Player Changes - When you block a player, you will now no longer see any text from that player regardless of text location (I.E. Whispering, lobby chat, etc.).

6. Demolition Rule Changes:

A. Round time limit changed from 3:00 to 2:30.

B. Tournament rules is currently set to 7 Rounds but a 5 Round option has been added.

C. The time left for defusing the bomb will now be shown visually.

7. Sprint Key Added - Along with tapping the 'W' key twice to sprint, you can now use the 'Caps Lock' key to toggle sprinting.

8. Farming Prevention - We've implemented various features that will prevent players from farming experience or supply. If you are found to be farming, you will receive an error message after your game as well as various penalties including loss of experience and supply, loss of weapon and item durability, etc.

9. Removal of Certain Backpack Items:

A. Backpack A - Grenade Slot and Kevlar Defense removed.

B. Backpack B - Grenade Slot and Helmet Protection removed.

C. Backpack C - Helmet Protection and Kevlar Defense removed.

10. Grenade Slot Expansion - Players will now be able to equip grenades in all 3 grenade slots instead of having to purchase the Grenade Slot backpack item (which has now been removed).

11. Map and Mode Category Changes:

A. Demolition, Convoy and Escape (coming soon) will now be set as 1 category instead of 3.

B. AI Demolition is now it's own category.

Bug/Balance Fixes:

1. Suicide Deaths in Infection Fix - If you accidentally kill yourself in Infection Mode, you will no longer have to wait until the next round as you will now respawn as Infected.

2. Hammer Blow Map Fix - You can no longer plant the bomb on top of the tank in Hammer Blow.

3. C4 Defusing Fixes - The C4 will not be so easily cancelled while defusing if you happen to move your cursor or if another player gets in your way.

4. Moving Up and Down Stairs Fix - Player Movement status has been changed when going up/downstairs or similar small heightened areas. Instead of player moving in "falling" status it is now changed to "moving" status.

5. Whispering/Adding Friend Fix - You can now whisper or add players as friends even if they are in a different channel or server location.

6. Spas 15 Balance Fix - The customization part 'Trigger 3' will have its rate of fire and range bonus reduced slightly.

7. M67 Balance Fix - The M67 will now slightly lose damage depending on how far its thrown (only when thrown over a certain distance).

8. MK3A2 Balance Fix - Minor decreases to the flash effect.

UI Changes:

1. Damage Display Meter Revised - Damage display meter will now be more accurate.

2. HUD UI Renewal:

A. HUD background image transparency changed.

B. Real-time battle information is no longer shown.

C. Round timer has been moved to a lower position.

D. Character change UI has been moved to the bottom center.

E. Dog tag image has been enlarged.

F. HP/AP gauge has been enlarged.

G. Demolition C4 timer added.

H. Spawn points will now show up more visually (even in bright areas).

New Event:

1. Watermelon AI Event - In any 'Scenario' modes, some AI enemies will be equipped with a Watermelon Helmet and a Watermelon Melee Weapon.

2. Play one hour a day to receive 3,000 Euro as well as a 1 day Watermelon Helmet.

Update Schedule:

California: 9/21 @ 11:00PM - 6:00AM

New York: 9/22 @ 2:00AM - 9:00AM

Berlin: 9/22 @ 8:00AM - 3:00PM