Universal Gaming League

01  Rings of Saturn
about 13 years ago

So basically, here at UNGL, we've never hosted an AVA tournament before. So we're looking for any extended rules which you would like to see implemented, so if you have problems with any of the capsule items, or anything regarding a certain map exploit that you'd like to see banned from use, then please let us know.


about 13 years ago

When I get into the game I might post some things here, but first off all I wanted to ask you a question; are there many people here playing AVA? Cause it would problably be fun to play if there were. :)

about 13 years ago

Se  Zyber Its just been introduced into the site.

about 13 years ago

Ru  captmajor I know, I meant if they know that people play it, otherwise it'll problably fail (unfortunately).

about 13 years ago

01  Rings of Saturn i think all euro capsule guns should be banned and the only sniper alowed should be the tpg this worked in the last tournament so it should be used if you make any tournaments here also i think there should be no ping limit because that cuts out half of the ava community if its under 250 also the map showdown should not be included in the maps played in the tournaments or leagues because its just simply to big. thankyou

about 13 years ago

- No capsule guns

- ping limit 170

- No Showdown,Hellhound

about 13 years ago

Ping limit for sure !!!!!!!! (max. 120 ping ?? not 250....)

No capsule guns. ( They have more power, better mods then normal guns)

Also no Saiga or other shotguns ( overpowered)




Black Scent

Dual Sight

Hammer Blow

Fox Hunting

Rounds till 5, then switch sides (eu goes nrf, nrf goes eu)

friendly fire ON

Free spectate OFF

Free join ON (if someone disconnected, he could join back)

autoballance OFF

I think this are the best rules for a tournament.

about 13 years ago

Be  guNk

Restricted Nades:

Pumpkin Nades

Potato Grenades

Also, spectate mode should be on, considering an admin from UNGL would most likely spectate the match.

01  Rings of Saturn
about 13 years ago

We'll actually be streaming a lot of the games via RushTV, so we will be asking for spectate to be on during certain games.

almost 3 years ago

Good to know thanks