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Survival of the Fittest LoL tournament by UNGL and Animate E

almost 6 years ago


UNGL.org and Animate E-Sports ( http://www.animate-esports.net ) have teamed up to present you Survival of the Fittest, a two stage LoL tournament with a £200 cash prize! The tournament will consist of four 32 team bracket qualifiers resulting in the first and second team being put into the 8 team knockout cup. The match format will be a BO1 up until the finals of each qualifier bracket, and then BO3 in all matches of the knockout finalé.

Each 32 team bracket will be played in one night, each Saturday starting from 4th May starting at 18:00 PM through to 11:00 PM GMT.

Dates: 4th May, 11th May, 18th May, 25th May (finalé to be decided)

Slots: 128 Teams (4x32)

Format: 5vs5

Default Loss: After 15 minute delay.

Prizes: £200


- Games will be custom games on EU West.

- 5 versus 5, 2 subs allowed throughout a single qualifier / the finalé series.

- Steel Legion Lux and iBlitz are banned.

- From the time frame given from each game to start if you don’t appear after 15 minutes the other team is awarded a no-show. This means you must have all 5 players ready by that 15 minutes unless the other team allows an extra 5 minute grace period.

- All teams to be in the UNGL.org group on the LoL client prior to games.

Second qualifiers: http://ungl.org/Cup/115

Games will be streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/animateesports , so be sure to be tuned in if you are not playing!

almost 6 years ago

Sign up for week 2!

almost 6 years ago

who else wants to try and win £200 ;)