Universal Gaming League

over 5 years ago

What the title says..

Basically been playing since the end of season 2, its hard to say my fav role is but mostly i play Top in soloQ but can jungle/adc pretty decent, im doing everything to make myself a better player overall... streams,guides etc i would like a nice group of guys or if people are willing to make a team then feel free to add me im playing on EUWest and currently in Gold thanks for your time.

If there is anything i have missed feel free to ask.

Steam - Fly53


over 5 years ago

dfq is this **** you just wrote?

over 5 years ago

ohh **** it's LoL = league of legends... :DD my bad

Gb  Sparky
over 5 years ago

De  zAck ...


over 5 years ago

De  zAck lol no worries :)))

Gb  nSmed
UNGL Administrator
over 5 years ago

Haha, I laughed so hard De  zAck

Goodluck 03  HitmAn[A]

over 5 years ago

Gb  nSmed cheers dudette