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about 8 years ago

* * * * * * * * * * * * Please read the whole post before before applying * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

L'equipe Gaming is more than just a "New Team" or "New Community" starting up, the idea of L'equipe Gaming is to create a "Brand" and we’re looking for a Counter-Strike team to represent us in the Counter-Strike scene. Currently in the process of agreeing mergers with old Teams, we are also looking for a committed individuals who can present themselves in professionally, hold to commitment and also show maturity in the way they conduct themselves.

What we are looking for.

Individuals who show drive to push for more, a passion for the game in which they participate in.

Individuals who can take pride in the "Brand" that they are representing.

What we are offering.

We have Unique opportunity to offer, currently being sponsored by Blotched Ink Pictures, (More information and links on team website), who will be heading a dedicated media team. This team will not only be able to promote L'equipe Gaming, but also you as a Team representing the Brand which is L'equipe Gaming. L'equipe Gaming becoming its own brand will also mean the opportunity to provide L'equipe Gaming Private Servers, so each team playing for L'equipe Gaming will have their own personal space for training or leisure. Due to the once in always in nature of L'equipe Gaming recruitment, (As we are a "Team"/"Family") the selection process will be strict. As a by product of this each L'equipe Gaming Team Member will be dedicated to what they are partaking in, meaning you as a player will be gaming along like minded players.
Also being part of the "Team" we will also help to push you as Individuals, Not just with the game but also personal aspirations as well. Want to consider a career in I.T. then L'equipe Gaming will do what they can to help you develop those skill sets, which ever aspiration you might have to help better yourself. As the more we can help you develop as an individual, then the more you can bring to the team.

The longer you play for our Organisation and the better results you bring the more money we will pour into you. With funding ranging from paying for tournaments, cups and leagues to buying jourseys and potentially LAN tickets. Obviously for that to happen you will have to show your worth to the organisation. Of course we will also be there for you not only physically but also mentally and emotionally, we will watch your games, provide moral support and be there for your team when things aren’t going as great as we’d hope.

Requirements for L'equipe Gaming are sought on an individual basis, to which there are 2 stages which will be performed.

1st Assessment
Think of this as like an interview, in which you are invited to join L'equipe Gaming as a community Member. After which your social interactions and your behaviour will be assessed on a 3 Month Trial.
During this 3 Month Trial you will be assessed on a multitude of criteria such as:
Personality?: Drive? Aspirations? Team Player? Team Leader? Do they support the brand? Etc etc
Able to travel?:
Many things will be assessed not just by myself, but also others who are apart of L'equipe Gaming.

2nd Assessment
After 3 Months you will be told if you have made the team or not, reason for this is it takes longer than a few days, or a couple of weeks to make a good team. "Rome was not built in a day"

So please do not consider this as a quick fix for getting into a team, our community is open to everyone but team positions are on an invite only. So with that aside I will make a few more pointers about L'equipe Gaming. Each team at the end of each month will get to sit down not just with the owners, admins and other members of L'equipe Gaming. The media team will also be involved with you as individuals, to try and best promote you as a player, a person with L'equipe Gaming. Also with Lan Events accomodation will be provided, although be forewarned most members do really enjoy camping. So majority vote wins. Also food etc will be provided, with transport to and from venues being provided also.

We at L'equipe Gaming look forward to hearing from you in the future, and wish all of you good luck
with your future aspirations and a Huge Thank You for reading this far. Its a long post.


L'equipe Gaming