Universal Gaming League

over 7 years ago

Overpowered Gaming was formed in late 2013, primarily as a gaming community, focusing on games such as Counter-Strike: Source and League of Legends. After enjoying ourselves within this, we slowly started moving into new games and mid 2016 we decided to move forward and progress into an organisation.

Overpowered Gaming Organisation: who are we? We are an organisation and we currently have 3 CSGO teams which are: OP.Fish, OP.nVision and our new team OP.Vykon, and an Overwatch team: OP.eSports edge.
In the community we are all friendly and we are all happy to have new people to join our organisation. We play casual games like ARK, Arma3 and Chivalry whilst also playing competitive games like CSGO, League of Legends and Overwatch.

We’re looking to grow our community and we are looking to manage teams throughout any game or players that are looking to create a team within OPG.

Signup to the website http://www.op-gaming.co.uk and post in the Forums to contact us !


OPG Founder