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over 10 years ago

Hey guys, Insomnia here of the Zealot Gaming community...

I want to give you a notice that we are still looking for new players of the next games:

- League of legends (All servers)
- Smite
- Battlefield 4
- Counterstrike: Global Offence

Zealot Gaming is a community with more than 300+ active members every day and still
growing. Zealot Gaming is also a community that not only gives you the possibility to go
competitive, but also the opportunity to just play for fun with new friends you meet in Zealot

We are a community that gives you - the player - freedom of choice when it comes to gaming.
Currently we are focussing on building the Battlefield 4 division and make it a stable and
active addition to Zealot Gaming, and we have hopes to reach at least 50 or more stable

When you are a member of Zealot Gaming [b]zG[/b], you are in no way bound to only play the game
of your Division - The game you signed up for. Feel free to jump around the different division
channels in Teamspeak and join a game of LoL, Dota or any other games that suit you.

You can jump straight to our homepage, and register today!


If any questions or concerns should arise, feel free to contact me on
these platforms:

Skype: acbreukel
Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197987571750
Origin: Skillfakah

Best Regards

Insomnia - Assistent director under Zealot Gaming

over 10 years ago

Hey guys,

Wanted to give you an update, we have a BF4 server now aswell!!!!

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Join us today!