Universal Gaming League

Monday Blues Cup #2 - 5000RP Prize

Gb  paradox
The Boss
over 4 years ago

Mark your calendars, the LoL Monday Blues Cup #2 will be running next Monday! We've learnt a lot from our first event, we'll take that experience and use it to make this cup run a bit more smoothly! I'd like to thank everyone who participated in our last event, and hope that this time we'll have even more teams competing.

Date: 29th February

Rounds: Best of 1 (Final and Consolation best of 3)

Teams: 16

Team Size: 5v5

Map: Summoners Rift

Mode: Tournament Pick

Default Loss: After 15 Minutes, teams will be considered a 'No-show'

Region: EU West

Rules: Click Here

Signups: Sign up to the UNGL event, and please make sure you are also registered on the League of Legends Community event page in order to qualify.

Round 1: 29th February 19:00 GMT

Round 2: 29th February 20:00 GMT

Semi-finals: 29th February 21:00 GMT

Finals: 29th February 22:00 GMT


1ST PLACE INDIVIDUALS: 1000 RP, Ryze, Triumphant Ryze, 4-Win IP Boost


Cup Admins: Gb  paradox , Gb  nSmed , and S0  Optimus_Crime

over 4 years ago

is the tournament still running ?

about 1 month ago

Up until now does this event exist? R22 Price

29 days ago

I hope they still have events like this going on in the future.

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29 days ago


21 days ago

This Event no longer exist. It was way back in season 5 or something

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