Universal Gaming League

One Night Cup #7

Gb  Ander
CS:GO Admin
about 7 years ago

Following in-line with recent changes to the community with LANs, we will be moving forward looking at normal versions of the maps and moving away from _se map type.

Date: 22nd October

Teams: 8 Teams

Format: 5VS5


Default Loss: After 15 minute delay.

Round Details:

24th October - 20:00BST - de_dust2

24th October - 21:00BST - de_cache (FMPONE)

24th October - 22:00BST - de_mirage (Valve Version)

de_cache (FMPONE) - steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=163589843

(BST= British Summertime = GMT+1)


Teams are encouraged to try and reschedule the final if it's late for either side.

Please take extra care in reviewing the rules of the CS:GO ladder and ensuring you understand these before you enter the cup. Also please note that POV demos will be required for every single player. GOTV also MUST BE RECORDED, and be available on request.

Any demo reviews will take place outside of cup time, to allow the cup to progress at a natural rate. If a player is found to be cheating, the fixture result will then be overturned and the player will be banned permanently from UNGL.

Teams must provide their own 128 tick servers.

Only sign up to this cup if you can, and intend to, play your fixtures. Is there a risk time might be tight? Then please don't sign up, you may still be entered in to the cup and a default may be given to your opposition. Further to this you may also be blacklisted from future events.

Admins are available on this page: www.ungl.org/Staff

Visit the EVENTS tab to signup - www.ungl.org/events

Servers should be running on Classic Competitive and should use the UNGL CS:GO Config

Please make sure your team inputs their IDs for CS:GO correctly. Steam ID's for CS:GO look like this; STEAM_1:X:XXXXX.

Teams who sign up and fail to show up to the event will face a one week ban, along with exclusion from future cups.

Best of luck to all teams that take part,

The UNGL Admin Team.

Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
about 7 years ago

Good luck to all that enter.

about 7 years ago

:D should be fun

Gb  Ander
CS:GO Admin
about 7 years ago

Boosted cup into 16 slots, using two cups with eight teams each to ensure the times are still correct.

Fixtures will be shortly live, please check your match planners.

If you'd like a winner of A vs. B let me know and we'll arrange a winners cup for another date.

about 7 years ago

Winners cup or a match against Tech would be nice, since they got win "free" :p

about 7 years ago


about 7 years ago

not our fault the teams didn't turn up

7 months ago

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