Universal Gaming League

over 13 years ago

Hi, regarding my first match on the UNGL was a misunderstanding disaster, i just wanna point out some things to the Staff overhere


first of all, im not bitching about the match... just a ladder, plenty of matches to go on with

its just, after going over the website, no where to be seen the correct format of steamid should be entered ("STEAM_x:x:Xxxx") and that for a forfeit win shouldnt be given especially for first time game(s)

just wanted to point out the fact u should make a format example or even a combobox with the ID's options, a good example would be the ESL site....

one last thing, as for the rule:
"You must have ALL 'Green Ticked' players playing during the match. Failure will result in a default loss, However this must be brought up before a match starts or this rule becomes void. An exception to this rule, is the 1v1 ladder."

nothing was brought up before the match, even as i asked... would be really thoughtful just to cancel it.

thanks, totem ;)

over 13 years ago

understood clearly

"However this must be brought up before a match starts or this rule becomes void" and not in 21:30 ;)

over 13 years ago

Stop whining, read the rules, and listen to the admins :)

over 13 years ago

Not saying anything about the default or whatever, but he has a point about that bit in the rules. Take it out if people should have 5 ticked players with no exception.

over 13 years ago

You can put a game out without having 5 green ticked, but mention in the rules, not all green ticked and then the other team takes responsibility for accepting it and cannot claim default because they wanted to play you, even though you didn't have a full core 5 green ticked.