Universal Gaming League

over 13 years ago

Due to players has mucked me up big time due to lieing to me about going to lan. I'm looking for two players who idealy live in the uk so we can have team lans and go to other lans in the uk.

We're planning alot this year and have many prospects for future events.

We would like
Skill Mid - Mid+, But when gelled as a team i expect mid+ performances and willing to always improve and willing to pick up things and playing different techniques and styles.

What we have :
Leagues : ESL [Just Joined] Game This monday. Enemy Down [About to start had to default a cup match due to recent events] UNGL [Will be relaxed competitiveness unless its a cup.] Meaning if we dont have 5 on it means were able to play officals.


PS Admins please could you pm me about SnJ i would like to know what the plonker has done.

over 13 years ago

PS if interested Pm me.

I <3 mouz & FGW
over 13 years ago


he spammed the cbox full of using the message "delete my screenshots of ungl from fb and stuff" thats why he got banned

over 13 years ago

I've PM'd you about SnJ :)

over 13 years ago

GL :)

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over 13 years ago