Universal Gaming League

over 13 years ago

Hi I am searching for a high ladder team on this site.
My self: 17 years old next month and I am very mature. My englishcho is alright, I can call any spots and places the enemy can be. Talking alot and like to have a laugh in vent before and after games. I live in sweden and doin' my studies there. I would say I'm high, wants a team that can be in the top and win. I can hold great with the awp and with riffle, you determines what gun I will play with. I can play 3-4 days a week. On that time I want to be serious, not mixin', just serious gaming.

You: +16, good english and good understanding of the game. Can go thrue strats and wants to get better. 5-7 players in ur team. Plays 3-4 days a week.

Contact me true steam: Makkemu
Over and out, Eisel.

I <3 mouz & FGW
over 13 years ago