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Later came a saucy, jazzy excerpt from Darrell Grand Moultrie's Indestructible Light and then the final ballet of the night: ZigZag. We were outside the ground floor of the 2010-completed Burj Khalifa, which at 160 stories is currently the tallest building in the Golden Goose Sneakers world although rumor is the Saudis are poised to pip it.

It took a while for print media to warm to the Internet and its new denizens. Style, which launched Golden Goose Slide in 2000 and published fashion shows and street style imagery online, helped mediate the print web divide. The media landscape then was unrecognizable to what it is today, especially when it came to the Internet. Well, I have to say at Vogue, for as long as I can remember, there were certain words that were verboten. You don't ever talk about gowns because that's old and dowdy. And for the longest time, you never talked about bloggers the term or phrase blogger was not something that was talked about in polite circles at Vogue, recalls editor Mark Holgate. It wasn't until about half way through the 2000s that print media would wake up to the reality, and reach, of Web media, and denial was no longer an option.

One of the styles, a summery espadrille, is described as a rope-soled fabric play shoe. For resort, which reads as a sort of prequel to the spring collection, the lookbook was shot in the Marais, a lively arrondissement populated by a hip and diverse crowd, in a cafe called Le Progres. Golden Goose Shoes Sale

It was easy collaborating with Amina. Knowing how passionate she is about her own brand, and knowing everything that she puts into it, it was a no brainer going into this collaboration, because I already had the experience and was familiar with her work. And she was familiar with my aesthetic too.