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CSS Admins Wanted

Gb  dronee
Website Operations Director
almost 12 years ago


CSS Admins Wanted

We are looking for several new Counter-Strike: Source admins to join the admin team, to help boost our already flourishing team.

You should ideally be knowledgeable about the game, and have a generally mature attitude with experience in running events, or have a good personality and an open unbiased mind when dealing with problems.

You will be expected to look over any fixtures, commit your own freetime to helping the rest of the team by reviewing demos that have been sent to us, come with fresh ideas for events and cups and contribute to the site.

Failure to commit yourself properly to UNGL will result in termination of the admin position.

18+ only please, also be able to speak fluent English. It is a huge bonus if you have good spelling and grammar.

Please PM me (Gb  dronee ) with the following form, making sure to put "Admin Application" in the subject box.


Previous Experience:

Why do you want to become an admin:

How regularly are you online:

Anything else that's relevant:


The CS:S Admin Team

(thanks to Gb  DazzyJ for the post)