Universal Gaming League

over 11 years ago

Hello, I am new on this site and I have some questions.

1. How to open a conflict in match 2on2?
2. How upload record and screenshot on match?

Saddened for my English, I am a player francais ^^

Thank you for your answers.

over 11 years ago

Thank you for your answer,

I understood well for the conflict.

But for download a media I do not see or that is situated on libra I see just for screenshot.

Do we owe given record in comment onto the scoresheet?

Thank you for clearing up me has this subject.

Thank you for your answers

over 11 years ago

Yes but for video (record in eyes) or we have to download them for the opposite team?

Still saddened for my inferior English ^^ '

over 11 years ago

OK now everything is clear I thank you for your answers!

over 11 years ago