Universal Gaming League

Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
about 13 years ago

Please can all CSS teams & players ensure that they read this thoroughly, and that they understand what is being said.

1. Libra

The anti-cheat program that we use is our very own Libra, it is compulsory for all matches that are played on UNGL. It is vital that you have it downloaded Libra (http://ungl.org/setup.exe) and that you have readied yourself with the workings of the program before you play your first match.

If you encounter any problems, such as the screen-shots will not upload or the program will not run you must report them (http://ungl.org/forum/2) . X-Ray is NOT an alternative, and must only be used at the discretion of one of the admin team.

2. Rules

The full set of rules can be found here (http://ungl.org/p/Rules)

Please ensure all members of the team have a good understanding of the rules, as not reading them is not an excuse for not knowing the rules.

3. Behaviour

When playing in UNGL please make sure that you follow a mature and acceptable sportsmanship.

Abusing other players via match comments, the forums or ingame will NOT be tolerated. We will crackdown on repeat offenders who fail to follow our code of conduct.

If an admin makes a decision then please respect it. You might not agree with it, but the decision has been made.

4. Matches

All matches must be played with the Official UNGL Config, unless it is known not to work on a certain provider - even then you must have permission. The ESL, SGL, CB and ED configs are not acceptable.

All matches other than the 1on1 League matches should only be played with players that are green-ticked (a player whose ID has been input on a single team roster for 48hrs at least).

No red crossed players or "clock/timer" players may play - even at the allowance of the other team.

Defaults must be entered as 1-0 to the correct team.

Voids should be entered as 0-0 by both players.

Trying to trick another team into a 16-0/8-0/30-0 default is unacceptable, and you will be punished for it.

The 15 minute wait time is not there as the time when your team should arrive on the server. You should arrive as close to the start time as possible.

All in-game chat must be friendly, not banter.