Universal Gaming League

Dota 2 Admins needed!

Gb  paradox
The Boss
over 6 years ago

We're looking to recruit admins for Dota 2.

The ideal candidate will be level-headed, and able to cope well under pressure. You'll also need to be impartial - making fair decisions, regardless of personal grudges or attachments.

Your tasks will include:

  • ● Solving match disputes
  • ● Generating ideas for events
  • ● Running events
  • ● Amending league rules
  • ● Moderating the dota 2 forums
  • ● Recognising and acting on feedback from the community

Fluent English with decent spelling and grammar are a bonus.

If this sounds like you, please send me a PM in the following form.

  • ● Age
  • ● Previous Experience
  • ● Why you want to become an admin
  • ● Roughly how many hours a week you're willing to contribute
  • ● Anything else that's relevant
over 6 years ago

You are hitting an already dominant league. Don't remember the name of it but there is the vast amount of dota teams elsewhere

over 6 years ago

woo dota cups coming to ungl, cant wait

Gb  paradox
The Boss
over 6 years ago

Can't run them without any admins though, only had 1 applicant so far :(