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Post written by Treisk can be found - here at GameReplays and here at Official HoN Foums.

Nerd Out For Japan Charity Event -- HoN Community AllStar Week

Let me begin by saying that this will not be a GR, Honcast, Gosugamers, FnaticTV, etc. production; this will be an independent production that will be co-promoted by the aforementioned companies, and any other companies that want in on it. It will have its own justin.tv page (I'm working on getting it partnered and promoted), and is purely for the benefit of the Red Cross Japan Disaster Relief fund. 100% of the proceeds go to that fund. Also note, there are no prizes for the all-star games; all games are played with the full intention of raising money for charity.


--Community Outreach games will mix teams of community volunteers (pro gamers, S2 employees, casters, stream site staff) with community members who have donated. Some of these games will be streamed as "funcast" games.

-- All-Star Games will mix teams of top-level players chosen by designated progamer Captains, whom will choose from any top-level player they should like to have onboard. The only restriction is that no more than two players from one team may be on the same team, and both teams must have an equal number of regular teammates per team (for example, if two MSI members are on Legion, the Hellbourne team must have two members of, say, EG or DskB). Players in these games must either be a part of a pro team, or a well-known Free Agent (i.e. JoshP). All-Star Games will be bo3.

-- The All-Star Community's Choice Main Event will pit two teams of community-voted players against one another. What this means is that a roster of players will be assigned to an "All-Star Pool," and the community will vote each player onto their respective teams. Polls will be posted at least a week prior to the week of the event. The All-Star Community's Choice Main Event will be bo5.


The HoN Community AllStar Week is the first in a series of charity gaming events aimed at raising money for a Japan relief fund. We're still awaiting a callback from Red Cross about setting up a fund to collect donations, and expect an answer soon.

The idea is simple: Run a series of games (involving over 50 different top-level gamers, S2 employees, and community figures), one per day, and stream the games via justin.tv livestream, and embed a link to a donation page where people can directly give money to a Japan relief fund. Honcast, Gosugamers, and GameReplays are already getting involved in this project, and if the HoN event is a success, we'll be holding similar events for other games as well (such as StarCraft 2, DotA, League of Legends, etc.).


This is a detail that hasn't completely been fleshed out yet, as there are a few mitigating circumstances. We're still working on getting sponsors for the event (to promote it), but the entire project is a work in progress.

That being said, the start- and end-dates hinge entirely on when we can get the sufficient support to run this event. I've already been in contact with Red Cross, justin.tv, S2, Honcast, and other key officials about supporting this, and I intend to contact AlienwareArena, SteelSeries, and as many companies that I can that might potentially get behind this event.


Sponsors, promotion, and, most importantly, players. We're also accepting pro players' time donations (things like coaching, TMM, etc., for donors). There are two primary reasons for this post; Spreading Awareness and collecting information (things like who's volunteering and what people are donating). Anyone who wants to volunteer is welcome to do so, but you honestly probably won't get chosen for any of the All-Star games if you're not a known top-level player.

Also, I'll be collecting votes for the All-Star Community's Choice Main Event game, where the community will vote the players in (similar to the NBA All-Star Game) for certain roles for both teams.

More details are coming in the next few days. Stick around, and spread the word. I want this thing to be gigantic, and it's for a GREAT cause.

I know this community is generally full of trolls, but I ask that you exclude this thread from your hunt for epic lolz, and please take this seriously. It's rare that I actually make such a request, but if there was ever a time to be serious, I think this is it.


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Sounds like it could be good :)

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god idwea