Universal Gaming League

about 10 years ago

Anyone up for a few games? Fed up with being with the fags who instantly leave when the game starts etc.

Name: JDH

PSR 1617 (Had it 1856)

MMR 1344 (Can easily get back up to 1700 - Mid Carry style)

KD - 1.25

Denies - It says 8.2 Average but I'm getting around 30-35 a game maybe more depending on how keen I am.

I have my own mumble with plenty of slots on it so we can use that. Also I don't feel like I'm bad at the game but I maybe in some opinions so if you have any pointers when we play then just tell me so I get better.

I always choose what my team needs before game starts but prefer playing Supports - Semi Carries. Literally adaptable to any hero as I have played them all - Good skill I believe personally - Good KD-Deny ratio. Search my name ingame for a stats check - Nothing bad other than the actual MMR I believe "JDH".

My steam - zenga@gmx.at

about 10 years ago

jschmexy, were did you go on my friends list :O?

about 10 years ago


about 10 years ago

01  wardyyy re-add me <3 Deleted like 80 people xx