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HoN Nations Cup - Captains

Za  tankza
HoN Head Admin
about 10 years ago


Now that the voting is finally over we can reveal who has been selected to captain their country in the forthcoming UNGL Nations Cup! Congratulations to all those selected and make sure you submit your team to us using the template below before the 6th November 2011.


14 Au Australia - Au  Shinkz HoN Profile - sHiNKz (Frenetic Array) #Manager

14 At Austria - At  HoRRoRat HoN Profile - HoRRoR (Midget Mafia)

14 Be Belgium - TBC

14 Br Brazil - Us  TKOlol HoN Profile - tkothethrill (Trademark eSports)

14 Ca Canada - Ca  PAINTITGOLD HoN Profile - PAINTITGOLD (compLexity Gaming)

14 Dk Denmark - Dk  FreshPro HoN Profile - FreshPro (Fnatic MSI)

14 01 England - Gb  Astonl HoN Profile - AstonL (Infused Tt eSP0RTS)

14 Ee Estonia - Ee  Melhour HoN Profile - Melhour (unknown)

14 Fo Faroe - Fo  alfeh HoN Profile - alfeh (GO Reunion)

14 Fi Finland - Fi  Malle HoN Profile - MaIIe (unknown)

14 Fr France - Fr  Hot_Steppa HoN Profile - Hot_Steppa (Shame On You)

14 De Germany - De  NoVa_ HoN Profile - Nova_ (Fnatic MSI)

14 Gr Greece - Gr  Babilicious HoN Profile - Babilicious (GosuGamers)

14 Mx Mexico - Mx  graviton HoN Profile - Graviton (unknown)

14 Nl Netherland - 00  WehSing HoN Profile - WehSing (Dirty Minds)

14 No Norway - No  Megabever HoN Profile - Megabever (Team eNigma)

14 Pe Peru - Pe  Alg0rithm HoN Profile - Alg0rithm (KESKISPASS)

14 Pl Poland - Pl  Archi HoN Profile - Archi (Game Masters)

14 Ru Russia - Ru  GuessWho HoN Profile - GueesWho` (Cats Gaming)

14 02 Scotland - 02  Insomnia HoN Profile - Insomnia` (unknown)

14 Es Spain - Es  TinyMeatBall HoN Profile - TinyMeatBall (YOU GOT PEINED)

14 Se Sweden - Se  Akke HoN Profile - Akke (ONLINE KINGDOM)

14 Tr Turkey - Nl  Le_kro HoN Profile - Le_kro (Rush Rush Gaming)

14 Us USA - 00  zachattack15 HoN Profile - Peterpandam (Infused Tt eSP0RTS)

1. Max of 10 players on the roster.

2. If you have a team manager, you must clearly indicate if he is part of the playing roster. If so, he/she counts as one of the 10.

3. Each captain will only be allowed to pick 3 players from the same team to play in matches. However, more than 3 players from the same team can be in the roster. In EXTREME circumstances this rule can be overlooked on the admins discretion, e.g. when a country can only get players from one team.

4. Please submit your server preference in order: EU, USE, USW, <other> (please specificy if other)

example, 1 EU, 2 USE, 3 USW

5. All players on your roster must have a registered account at the UNGL.

@Nation Captains - Please use the template below when submitting your team.

Template:Nation: [Nation Name]Please enter player names in the following format: @@ followed by their UNGL Profile ID, which is found in the url when viewing a players profile on our website. (in brackets add their HoN game name)example: @@ 10 (tanKza)Player 1: Player 2:Player 3:Player 4:Player 5:Player 6:Player 7:Player 8:Player 9:Player 10:Team Manager: Server Preference: 1. EU, 2. USE, 3. USWComments: <Any additional comments you may have>

Please submit the information to Za  tankza via pm before the 6th of November.

Thank you.

Best Regards,

tanKza on behalf of UNGL Admin Team


Rosters received from:

14 Au Australia

14 At Austria

14 Br Brazil

14 Ca Canada

14 Dk Denmark

14 01 England

14 Fo Faroe

14 Fi Finland

14 Fr France

14 De Germany

14 Gr Greece

14 Nl Netherland

14 No Norway

14 Pe Peru

14 Pl Poland

14 Ru Russia

14 Es Spain

14 Se Sweden

14 Tr Turkey

14 Us USA

Waiting on:

14 Be Belgium

14 Ee Estonia

14 Mx Mexico

14 02 Scotland


Gb  DazzyJ
UNGL Contributor
about 10 years ago

Amazing work :)

about 10 years ago

By the way i believe that freshporn won in votes, which would make him captain unless there is a part i am missing :).

about 10 years ago

Panny yeah he won the votes. But apparently tankza and babilicious is friends so the voting doesnt matters anyways when it comes to Greece, i suppose. The question is if Greece is the only country where the guy who got the most votes _DIDNT_ become a captain or if theres more.

about 10 years ago

Winning the poll does NOT mean you will become the country captain! We know that some countries may vote tactically so the admins will ultimately have the final say :)

That's what I can read in the original post. I hope that's the same for you.

No friendship involved.

Peace out.

about 10 years ago

Shinkz gets no more than 50 votes, less than half what others gets and yet ends up captaining Australia.


about 10 years ago

We made it clear that the polls were NOT a binding decision on the captaincy of each country, they were made to guage the community's opinion on who they felt would make the best leader. Also, the polls were not taken completely seriously by voters, e.g. using smurfs to boost votes meaning we couldn't take the results at face value. That being said we did select the candidate with the most poll votes in the vast majority of cases.

If you want to blame people, blame those who abused the polls or did not take them srsly!

about 10 years ago

Hi tankza can u message me please. Urgent request.

Za  tankza
HoN Head Admin
about 10 years ago

Tt  Valsaynkilla Will discuss your request internally tonight and let you know.

about 10 years ago

If I am to send you the roster for the Faroe Islands today, will it be possible to add 1 or 2 more members afterwards? I have 7 players ready, but still need to get in touch with 2 more that were supposed to play with us aswell, but I know that this is the last day to send in the roster.

about 10 years ago

Unk0 for president!

about 10 years ago

Tankza i already sent you my roster, did you receive it???

Za  tankza
HoN Head Admin
about 10 years ago

Fo  alfeh Please message me the in-game name of those 2 players asap and then it'll be fine. (I think those are the two that you messaged me about allready?)

Es  TinyMeatBall Yes I did thanks.

I've updated the rosters. Having some problems with updating Team Peru (but I have your team). We'll work on the tournament format, and will release an update on the HoN forums on Wednesday.

The round robin start date have been provisionally been set to Sunday 20th. Check the HoN Forums on Wednesday evening (UK time) for a new update.


about 10 years ago

Russia 1 player so cool :D GENA DAVAI DAVAI

Za  tankza
HoN Head Admin
about 10 years ago

Still waiting on:





We'll release an update tonight about the event. Just working behind the scenes on the event.