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over 7 years ago

Hi guys,

Recently, I've managed to find some time to play some HoN again. I've played since beta but havent played alot these last 9 months, so fairly new to the new heroes being released.

I'm just looking for some nice people to play with. I don't care if you go 0-15 or if you're amazing, I just want NICE people to play with.

No dicks please, I'm a nice guy and I intend to play with other nice guys or gals

Nl  panz0r
I <3 mouz & FGW
over 7 years ago

gl m8!

over 7 years ago

Is this serious?

If so, according from your tag, I assume you're playing in EU?

Feel free to add me in-game; lolvik

I played quite the lot in beta, but then quit and picked the game up yet again a couple of weeks ago, and find myself in the exact same position as yourself.

For what it's worth I'm a guy from Norway, fairly decent at the game, and blessed with far above average English-skills, which you might appreciate if the case is that you're English yourself.


I just googled my way here, so for all I know this might be a troll-post. /FML

Gb  IV
over 7 years ago

No  lolvik Nah, it's legit.

over 7 years ago

Gb  Ryn friendly players?



No serious note Good luck! HoN community is filled with unfriendly players, I'm sure theres some out there, you just going to have to look real hard =/

Jp  mr.viruS
one of those
over 7 years ago


over 7 years ago

lol is for noobs, your logic is flawed =/

Gb  DazzyJ
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over 7 years ago

good luck

Gb  Brodieeee
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over 7 years ago

PM'd :)

over 7 years ago

Adding everyone so far :)

Why wouldn't this be serious? There are plenty of nice HoN players about. I just would rather jump into a nice MM game with people I enjoy playing with, rather than with people who just rage 24/7.

I'm not super active though, but when the gf is busy, i can always find time for hon