Universal Gaming League

Rules: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

1. Server Config

  1. The UNGL CS:GO Server config is available here: http://www.speedyshare.com/nbRdB/UNGLCFG-V1.7.zip

2. User Settings

  1. Libra Anti-Cheat is MANDATORY for all UNGL CS:GO Matches, in the event that there is a problem with Libra you need to contact an admin.
  2. POV demos (ineye) must be recorded for every game
  3. It is the players responsibility to make sure that they have loaded Libra correctly prior to playing the match making sure it shows "Idle" before loading Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, failure to do so may result in a default loss.
  4. You must be using at least dxlevel 81 or above.
  5. You may use GUIs that are considered league legal - eg. holmGUI or Hyphen GUI.
  6. You may not run programs/scripts that allow PICMIP editing using external programs. For example ATI Tray Tools
  7. You may not run programs/scripts that allow ambient occlusion, this is considered a form of cheating.
  8. You may not run programs/scripts that give an unfair advantage, these include things such as aimbot, wallhack and bunny-hop scripts
  9. The following launch options are illegal -tools +mat_hdr_enabled 0 +mat_hdr_level 0
  10. The following command has to be set to 0: weapon_debug_spread_show

3. Latency & Connection

  1. All players should strive to solve any connection issues prior to the lo3 command being given. However connection issues are not an advantage to either side so it does not equate to an ineligibility to proceed with the match.

4. Creating Matches

  1. All matches should be created via the Match Planner, DO NOT ADVERTISE MATCHES ON THE SHOUTBOX.
  2. You may state a mp_freezetime 2 in the "Other Rules" for aim and awp maps, but no other custom freezetime is allowed
  3. Teams may state that they are fielding players that are on the "timer" and by accepting the game you agree to them playing.
  4. You cannot state that you do not wish to play other teams in the "Other Rules" sections, UNGL is an open playing ground and all teams can accept the fixture.

5. Servers

  1. GOTV must be recorded for every UNGL game, the only exception is 1on1 games where only POV demos will suffice.
  2. All matches should use the appropriate UNGL server config. If the config is wrong, you must contest it before the game has been commenced. UNGL CS:GO MR15 Config is available here: http://www.speedyshare.com/nbRdB/UNGLCFG-V1.7.zip
  3. The game must be played on a server thats most suitable for both teams, if there are connection problems you must try and use another server. If a server cannot be agreed upon the home teams server is to be used. Due to the nature of the league and the varied nation of its participants connection issues are not grounds for conflict.

6. Start of Matches

  1. You must have at least four players per team for 5on5 matches, both teams must have two players in 2on2 matches.
  2. UNGL CS:GO CONFIG config must be executed.
  3. A knife round must be played to decide sides, you do not have to drop the bomb or any guns, however if any enemy is injured by anything other than a knife, your team loses the round.
  4. Only knives should be used during the knife round, no grenades are permitted.
  5. An lo3 command must be used to start the match.
  6. You may not play if you are not Green Ticked by the time a match is lived. An exception to this rule is if the opposing team agree to allowing timed players to participate. However this must be brought up before a match starts or this rule becomes void.
  7. A team is to be considered late at 15 minutes past the arranged match fixture time. At 15 minutes past this arranged time a team can claim a forfeit, however, if possible, a team should wait.

7. During Play

  1. Libra must be running during all UNGL CS:GO matches, if you are having problems with Libra then please consult an admin.
  2. Bunnyhop scripts or any other scripts (excluding FPS configs) are not allowed.
  3. You are given 10 minutes of pause time to sort out connection issues or leaving members.
  4. Pauses are only allowed in freezetime
  5. If the server crashes within the first three rounds, then the game will be started again with both teams keeping sides. If the server crashes outside the first three rounds then play will continue from the round that it crashed on with mp_startmoney 5000.
  6. There are no spectators allowed on a server, however GOTV spectators are allowed, provided there is a minimum 90 second delay.
  7. At any given time a UNGL admin may join the server as spectator. This is permitted and may happen during any official match.
  8. Once a match as been started (lo3 script has been run), server conditions cannot be disputed. It is up to each team to check that a server is playable on.
  9. Once live, acceptable banter is allowed in chat, however abusive messages will result in punishments for the offending parties at the admins' discretion.
  10. If in a cup game the scores are drawn, teams will play overtime (keep teams, MR3, mp_startmoney 10000 )

8. Defining Unfair Play

  1. Boosts which only require one man to help perform the boost, and do not intrude on any unplayable map area, are legal.
  2. Reaching any point in the map which is not part of the playable map is not allowed.

9. After Play

  1. Matches should be accepted within 5 days of being played, after which time an admin will force the current result.
  2. If there is a problem with a match please PM a CS Admin
  3. Once requested, a demo should be provided within 72 hours. A maximum of TWO POV demos can be requested per game.
  4. GOTV can be requested in addition to POV demos.
  5. If you suspect that someone may be cheating, or that foul play (use of bugs) has occured then please, remain professional and mature and at the end of the match review the demo, submit a match conflict and give the admin the tick positions of where you feel they may have occured. If you do not provide ticks we will not review a demo.