Universal Gaming League

Rules: League of Legends

1. Creating Matches

  1. All matches should be created via the Match Planner, DO NOT ADVERTISE MATCHES ON THE SHOUTBOX.
  2. If teams wish to play best of three during ladder matches, it must be agreed by both teams in the match comments.
  3. Teams may state that they are fielding players that are on the "timer" and by accepting the game you agree to them playing.
  4. You cannot state that you do not wish to play other teams in the "Other Rules" sections, UNGL is an open playing ground and all teams can accept the fixture.

2. Start of Matches

  1. You must have at least four players per team for 5on5 matches.
  2. You may not play if you are not Green Ticked by the time a match is lived. An exception to this rule is if the opposing team agree to allowing timed players to participate. However this must be brought up before a match starts or this rule becomes void.
  3. A team is to be considered late at 15 minutes past the arranged match fixture time. At 15 minutes past this arranged time a team can claim a forfeit, however, if possible, a team should wait.
  4. Games will played in Tournament Draft Mode.
  5. During champion selection, if a player disconnects after all the bans are made, the game is to be recreated with the same picks and bans.
  6. Games are to be played in a best of one, However Semi-finals and Finals are to be played in best of three.

3. During Play

  1. Player disconnections with in the first 5 minutes will result in the game restarting.
  2. You are given 10 minutes of pause time to sort out connection issues or leaving members.
  3. Once live, acceptable banter is allowed in chat, however abusive messages will result in punishments for the offending parties at the admins' discretion. Screenshots must be taken to prove these allegations.
  4. At the end of the game, both team leaders are to take a screenshot and upload it so the result can be confirmed.

4. Defining Unfair Play

  1. Any intentional use of bugs or exploits will result in the match being forfeited by the offending team.

5. After Play

  1. Matches should be accepted within 5 days of being played, after which time an admin will force the current result.
  2. If there is a problem with a match please PM a LoL Admin
  3. If you suspect that someone may be cheating, or that foul play (use of bugs) has occured then please, remain professional and mature.