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Do you want to give your Instagram stories a little more creative touch? We teach you how to use GIFs in Instagram Stories.

If you want to give your stories a more fun touch, it might be interesting to learn how to use GIFs in Instagram Stories.

GIFs are drawings with a little animation that will give your stories a more fun touch. They have been with us for decades, but after a time when they were seen less, social networks have brought them back to the forefront.

Putting a GIF in your story can make your story more fun. For example, if you have published a story with a song, you can make a doll dance to it, or if you have uploaded a story on the beach, you can place a shining sun next to it. The possibilities are almost endless since the social network allows us to insert a huge variety of GIFs into our stories, which will perfectly adapt to your impressions or moods.

And while the results are pretty eye-popping, the process of putting a GIF into a story is pretty straightforward. Not surprisingly, the use of this type of animation has become very widespread among preteens who use the application.


Learning how to paste a GIF on Instagram Stories is very simple. All you have to do is press the sticker icon that you will find in the upper right part of the screen. A menu will then open with all the elements you can add to your story, from music to polls or emoticons, and also GIFs.

If the GIF you want to place appears directly on the screen, you will only have to tap on it to insert it into your story. In the event that you don't see it as soon as you open the menu, you can find the animations you want, thanks to the search engine.

As soon as you have clicked on the animation you want, you will be able to see how it is automatically pasted in your story.

Like all the elements that we have in our stories, once we have inserted it, we can move it until we place it in the place we want, or also increase or reduce its size. In this way, the final result will be total to your liking.


To find GIFs of your style, instead of searching for the name of the specific animation, we can search for collections of GIFs for Instagram.

For example, if you want to use flowers in your story, we recommend that you enter the word Botanic in your search, and you will find a collection of flowers and plants of great beauty. The Ohlalita collection is also highly recommended, in which you will find English words in black and white with typography similar to handwriting.

If you prefer to settle for phrases in Spanish, you can opt for Luciabe 's GIFs. And if you are looking for a more minimalist style, searching for the word Minimals you will be able to find simple animations, among which their frames especially stand out.

WithloveAK, Vipapier, or Malenaflores are other creators that have their own collections of GIFs that can give your stories a happier touch. But in reality, the possibilities are almost endless, so we recommend you explore the search engine a bit.