Universal Gaming League

Team Returnzer0 eSports Counter-Strike:Source

Since the ending of MasteZ eGaminG, we started to assemble players on the November 2006, only in january of 2007 was decided the roster for team retunzer0. we´ve played in some leagues and tournaments, such as clanbase 5on5 ladder with 5 consecutive wins, a 3rd place on summer cups and several participations on open cups finishing always bethween the 5 best euro teams on this cup. Enemydown entry ladder (1st gold easly), and 1800 points on open ladder. now with a new roster ready to beat this records, i prouldy present the newst roster for CS:S on 2010 (see roster link on our site).

Our 1st objective is to register our team in the following ladders and cups: Electronic Sports League, ClanBase, Universal Gaming League and Enemydown

help us grow !!!!