Universal Gaming League

Gb Wow 9 Counter-Strike:Source

Team Diagnostics: T3rm = Pro caller/tactician, Carry Bag

Que = Cannon Fodder

s N a R u D # H3473N : why u not in team though ?

s N a R u D # H3473N : i mean, by the way you play.. you'd probably get in some kind of world championship

s N a R u D # H3473N : No, i just found your pre-fires and your timing on nades / flashes and your rushes, where just too good to be true... so i want to see you actually did that without any programs besides lol :) never actually been beaten in 2v2


Carlos: omg there foreign aswell i think lol :D looks like no 1 is accepting ur game :( we might play you but cba havin a woopin again :D

flybikesssssss: and i got angry

flybikesssssss: because you just have the best

flybikesssssss: tactics

flybikesssssss: this world has ever seen

onside: you have beats once with cheats, we beat you many times and you still cheated lol it just shows how bad you are really.

carlos: not you and t3rm...just t3rm dnt try and big yourself up!!

onside: demo ticks sent to admin to review.

*admins clear demo*

onside: no, you was clearly cheating so the admins have been sent ticks and will keep an eye on you.