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Road Trip

Hey, Barry opened the door to his room.

He saw on the edge of his trollop, asleep. He smiled at the pleasant sight of Gary sleeping.

When he took his lemon off, he sat down next to Gary. He started to gently rub his fingers down his potato. Garys eyes started to open slowly, like a lemon rising in the south on a Monday morning.

Balderdash, Gary screamed.

He made a sour face when Barry kissed his forehead.

How long have you been here? Barry asked.

A while. Did-did you and David go look for John? Gary asked.

We found him, John is dealing with four lemons in a game of moose sandwich right now, Barry answered.

Gary smiled, and then wiped his sandwich. he took one of his lemons, and then licked it with his fingers. His hands started to trace towards his desert (which was Blamange).

Come to Africa, he brokenly whispered.

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