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Perilous Gaming; an eSports organisation created with the intention of keeping both the casual and competitive gamer entertained with the ongoings in and around the gaming world.


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| Team Info


We're the founding squad of Perilous Gaming that originally began in early 2008 as a group of pub heroes that mixed. Since then we've picked up a more competitive spirit and moved from a fairly large mixing roster down to a core with minimal changes since early 2010.

We're a stable roster that can pickup some decent results against some of the better teams amongst the scene, but equally, sometimes fail to deliver against teams we feel we should beat.

We do LAN and while we realise we're no where near being able to compete at the top, we aim to achieve to the best of our ability in our bracket, and to cause some upset along the way.


| UNGL 5v5 Open


Perilous AL

Perilous MiCk

Perilous Speedy

Perilous maltBEE

Perilous debaser

Perilous Rhaz (Sub)


| Perilous LAN Attendences


i41 - (AL MiCk Voo Speedy maltBEE)

i42 - (AL MiCk Voo Speedy Reverential) - 50

i43 - (AL MiCk Speedy Reverential maltBEE) - 39/40

i44 - (AL MiCk Speedy Reverential maltBEE) - 21/22

i45 - (AL MiCk Speedy Reverential maltBEE) - 23/24

i46 - (AL MiCk Speedy maltBEE debaser)


| Perilous Availability


Sun: 8-11pm (GMT) KGL

Mon: 8-11pm (GMT) ESL

Tue: 8-11pm (GMT) ED