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Gb Mod.Lions 9 Counter-Strike:Source

-|MOD|- (Ministry Of Darkness) online gaming team was formed back in 1999 has been playing in online tournaments & leagues for over 11 years. Starting off life in Half-Life 'Opposing Force' before moving into Half-Life Deathmatch & the hardcore world of AG (Adrenaline Gamer) a mod for Half-Life. After 3.5 years of taking part in Europe's bigger online league the team finished up in AG to join Counter-Strike & the new Counter-Strike Source released in 2003.

The team quickly became a house hold name in CSS within the UK scene and despite it's 'old skool' players being HLDM fraggers they soon got to grips with the slower game play and tactics to move up into the top 10 teams in the UK attending i31, i33, i34, i35, i36, i37, 138, 139, 140, i41, i42 multiplay gaming LAN's.

MOD now has 7 active teams playing in the UK & Europe. visit www.Pro-HL.com for more details & to get involved in the community.

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