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Fill My Ego

Team founded by Prored and Martyn on 2nd July 2011 to play at i43. The team then dispanded due to two of the players LAN dodging. Martyn and Prored stopped playing CS:S after i43. Charley approached Prored asking if he would like to reform the team with a new lineup for banter; he agreed and they went on to pick up Zyez and eXotiC. After weeks of trialling different players Fill My Ego finally filled their last spot with the dutchman Ralphie around 20th March.

This is just us practicing and trialling different players nothing serious on this page as of yet. And thanks to Charley the page is covered with loads of losses cause he seems to think hes good at 2on2s... which hes not.


Current Lineup.

Charley [AWPer] - Cheats on Libra.

Prored [All Rounder / Caller] - Carrys all the time.

Ralphie [Rifler] - Only gets headshots.

eXotiC [Rifler] - Wheely Angry Lithuanian.

Zyez [Rifler] - Funk.

Pandawan [Substitute] - Hej