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- SeeKerZ - Counter-Strike: Source Team *Since January 2010* by spiKE.


Where the name came from, general ideea:

Seekers are powerful magical creatures, who were created by Beliar from the Sect Camp Novices following the banishment of the Sleeper.

They were horribly mutated and perverted by Beliar's dark influence, and hid their deformities under robes covering their entire bodies. The only visible part were the eyes, as their face was obstructed by a red mask.

As magical entities, they could cast a variety of spells, ranging from simple Flame Arrows to Lesser Firestorms. They were also extremely resilient due to their demonic nature. They could also lay their Dark Sight upon humans, which would case residual mental trauma, resulting in nightmares and fatigue. Also, they could influence weak-minded humans, coercing them into acting as the Seekers wanted.

( *rpg game Gothic series. )