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Gb EvilDeeds! 9 Counter-Strike:Source

--- Evildeeds! | www.evildeeds.co.uk | https://www.facebook.com/pages/Evil deeds/364571883590488---

We are Evildeeds we are like a family, as in we row like f**k but always come together in bad times.

--- Evildeeds! Squad---

"Beardedw^fe"- If you done like it, i will cu @ lan.

"SiN"- They call me C.Dot.

"Bulbedd"- Any spare food going lar.

"HuntingZ"- I will put your head through a window.

"Jam1e"- Cant go lan in August lads, babies due even though its not mine.

"Switchhh"- Cant use my mic after 10pm lads sorry.

Memphis- I have googled myself to see how much of a legend i am.