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pgc Team.HoN Heroes of Newerth

Professional Gaming Community (pgc.com.co) is a website which will be launching shortly that will be aimed at creating an environment which is friendly to new players and allows them an avenue into the professional gaming world while maintaining the high standard tournaments and leagues required for the top tier players.

"pgc Team" is our competitive gaming organisation and is looking to grow and develop into a strong, euro-based team across several games. Right now we are looking for mature and skilled players to participate in several tournaments, leagues and ladders. Our ultimate aim is to create a friendly group of players who are looking to have some fun and socialize well with each other even in extreme conditions and circumstances.

Date Founded : May 2011
Website : http://www.pgc.com.co
Forum : http://www.forums-pgc.com.co
Managing Director : baiNey
Second in charge : torak
Team Captain : Mueslio`
pgc Team Manager : Velten