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KillerInstincts - instincts GO Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

instincts are a friendly-fun competitive team, based within the KillerInstincts Community. The community itself has been around since October 5th 2005 (FletchuK was only 16 then) and the instincts team best known for their CSS back to back Intermediate Bracket wins at i44 and i45, have recently stepped into a new era of gaming within the CSGO community.

After an extremely disappointing end to the CSS era, FletchuK headed home not knowing what might lie ahead for him. Upon returning from i46, CSS as we all knew it came to an end and FletchuK had to make the decision to officially call it a day. A couple months of casual gaming later, FletchuK got a few of the guys back to make a CSGO team. The team never really got going and there wasn't really any feel or commitment to it. Things were looking grim and a few common faces around the community joined other teams. But then, out of no where one cold December morning, FletchuK said enough was enough and he was ready to make his mark on CSGO scene. He contacted Phoenix, Maz, Skin and Alex, got a few games and decided to officially relaunch instincts. A couple of weeks passed and things were looking promising, they just needed some fresh blood, an extra man to complete the lineup. Gotcha soon made his mark and the team as we all know it as today was complete.

FletchuK (Matthew Fletcher) "They are just a name lads, we can take them!"
Phoenix (Nile Smith) "We would have won that if it wasn't for Alex"
Maz (Mark Williams) "Fair dinks, fair dinks!"
Purehate (Alex) "Can I ask a question please lads?"
Skin (Nathan Pitt) "Parmo with extra cheese please jockey"
Gotcha "Probation? Sounds more like a prison sentence!"

If you are up for a game then challenge us! :)