Universal Gaming League

about 9 years ago


Winrar is a new organisation in the eSports scene. We will focus on being the best that we can in all games.We will focus on the competitive side of gaming and the fun side of gaming

We will play the following games:

Battlefield 3

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 4

Starcraft 2

Counter Strike Source

Counter Strike Global Offensive

Shootmania Storm

Other games are welcome.

What are we expecting from the team:

-activity in leagues, cups and other competitions

-Stable line-up



What we can offer:

-Gameserver(depending on game)

-Teamspeak 3


-More in the future

If your interested then please download and fill in our application:


If you want help or have questions then please feel free to add one of us on steam



about 9 years ago

If you wan't cod4 teams, it's best to go to www.tek-9.org as i'm a former cod player myself and that site is specifically for cod. Good luck and I hope it helps =)

about 9 years ago

thank you very much

about 9 years ago
about 9 years ago

Gl mate

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about 9 years ago

Gb  ZONt1x tek 9 is worse than cadred and here for troll, jesus christ think i got 1 goodluck

Gb  IV
about 9 years ago

Gb  FragOMatic Besides the point, thats where you will find the most COD4 players.

GL regardless.

about 9 years ago

Gb  IV ive already posted on there and i was just merely pointing it out

about 9 years ago

Gb  FragOMatic To be honest COD4 is dead and has been dead since 2011 for competitiveness, chances of you getting a COD4 team that is stable and lasts for few months who will win cups and leagues is not going to happen, that sort of thing has gone out window, most people play it thinking the game is still active like competitive players who are currently playing CS1.6 also exactly the same with COD2. The majority on tek9 are anonymous and new thinking their cool by trolling anyway, don't let it bother you. You're better off dropping the COD scene completely as their new games are console based now, look for something like Quakelive players and you can find them here: www.esreality.com at that forum, good luck yet again =]

about 9 years ago
about 9 years ago

Gb  ZONt1x They have CSS team so don't think the deadness bothers them :]

GL guys nonetheless :P